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Welcome to our beachfront property affectionately known as “Gringo on the Beach”.  Founded in 2008 by Arthur (Victoria) Lenius of Watertown Wisconsin, USA. This locally owned and operated private oasis is located right on the beach in the quaint village of San Lorenzo, Manabi, Ecuador.


Our accommodations offer short term rental apartments as well as hotel rooms and suites all at reasonable rates. Our gated community provides a welcoming atmosphere that you can use as your "home base" while exploring the surrounding attractions and many special events that happen year round.
The founders of “Casa de los Mosaicos” came to San Lorenzo with a desire to become a part of this community and take part in the traditions of the region.


From the beginning our family and our Ecuadoran friends have encouraged a relationship of respect and partnership with our neighbors, local trades people and the government. During your stay you will feel the relaxed atmosphere and a part of this close-knit community.


Our villas combine beautiful Ecuadorian craftsmanship with state-of the art building standards. The deluxe apartment suites feature local art, handmade furniture from the Italian complex in town made of native Tangurey wood. With gated entry and exit, you are free to explore the city, property, and beachfront as you wish.


Welcome to our Jungle Property affectionately called Gringo in the Jungle (Gringo en la Jungla).  While just five minutes from our beachfront property, this area has a completely different climate and is cloudy and misty for long periods of time.  This microclimate is home to the howler monkeys, tarantulas, and many other tropical and semi-tropical birds.  You can stay in our quaint cabins nestled in the hillside, and enjoy a variety of fresh fruits that all grow there.  There are papayas, oranges, mangoes, cepote, bananas, etc.  One can enjoy seeing the process of making chocolate or coffee (both grown on site).

  • Horseback rides

  • Whale watching (dependant on season)

  • Turtle hatching and egg laying (dependant on season)

  • Viewing of the howler monkeys

  • Fun trip in the partymobile to the jungle and around area.

  • Single rooms (minimum 2 guest charge)

  • Suite style rooms

  • Party bodega

  • Bar (seasonal)

  • Breakfast on the room

  • Pool

  • Pickup and drop-off from the airport/bus station