San Lorenzo

Right in front of the Hotel


The coast of San Lorenzo , Manabi , Ecuador , is considered as the sanctuary of sea turtles due to the spawning of dozens of these animals that are recorded every year.


A real scenery that will leave you enchanted with sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Watching
Pacoche Rainforest

5 min from Gringo On The Beach

Isla de la Plata
 Howler Monkeys 

The tropical rainforest Pacoche has lush and varied vegetation. Breathe the pure air that give life to this wonderful landscape  .


To enliven the atmosphere there are animals such as monkeys ,  rabbits , deer , squirrels, wild cats , foxes, snakes , guacharacas , pigeons , parrots , parakeets , different variety of birds, even tigers according to the locals.

30 min from Gringo On The Beach and sometimes from the hotel's balconies. 

Humpback Whale Watching

Things to do in the Island:

Whale watching

Hiking trails around the island for seabirds watching and Landscapes of the Island

Return to Drake Bay

Lunch included




30 min from Gringo On The Beach 

Trips to the Sorrounding Islands

Birdwatching ( blue-footed boobies , frigate birds and pelicans )



Beach Games.

These activities are carried out on the island and islets close to the mainland within the Machalilla National Park, and are performed under the supervision of specialized guides.

  Machalilla Nacional Park

30 min from Gringo On The Beach 

Pre-Columbian Museum

The park is a true natural museum of pre-Columbian history of Ecuador and South America. For several investigators dry forests are most important in the world for its high degree of endemism.

Has safe, tranquil beaches, which stand between rocky cliffs of the shore. These are the islands of La Plata and Salango , several smaller islands and picturesque islets and a marine area of ​​two nautical miles jutting into the sea from the coast.


 Rainforest San Sebastián of Machalilla

30 min of Gringo On The Beach 

Exotic Birds and 

San Sebastian is a rainforest Machalilla Park where we will see a biodiversity of flora and fauna and spectacular landscapes of primary forest, flora have bromeliads , laurel, matapalo , black wood etc. In monkeys wildlife, toucans , hummingbirds, mockingbirds , finches , hawks etc.